Nancy’s “StarLight” Journey~
Growing up in Los Angeles in a time where there were very little opportunities for children to learn and perform Theatre Arts. Nancy passionately studied theatre and dance throughout her middle and high school years. Nancy loved to dance and act and be creative. One of her favorite things to do was watching old Musicals.

After High school Nancy attended El Camino College where she continued studying her love for dance and theatre and work towards a degree in teaching. In that time, she met Eddie (Babe #1) and they got married and shortly thereafter, produced three beautiful children.

At that time, Nancy being a very busy and active stay at home Mom, decided, when their children were of preschool age, she would start a daycare program in which she offered a positive environment where kids could play creatively, using the arts as a tool to help build their self confidence. ~ A place where they would feel special and at home. This program, along with her love for theatre is what later would inspire her to create a children’s theatre program with all the same qualities, ~

Her journey towards “StarLight” would truly begin in 1995 when she began creating the Musical Theatre Arts program at Lincoln Elementary School, with PTA president Hedy Deck. This program was an instant success and in 1996, under her direction, received the “Excellence Award” from the city of Torrance. That’s when Nancy really began to take notice of how much a program like this was truly needed and how it really made a huge difference in the lives of many kids and their families. So, while continuing to build this program, Nancy decided to reach out to more children in the community, by becoming involved with the city of Torrance parks and recreation department directing musical theatre productions for youth ages 9 to 18.

In 2002, After Directing over 15 successful full length productions, Nancy was inspired to create “StarLight Productions” where she could continue to instill confidence and creativity to kids interested in production, but in addition, open the “StarLight Studios” where she could also help kids further their talents by offering a variety of quality classes, as well as offering the highest of quality productions available to kids. The “StarLight Studios” immediately became a second home to many South Bay children.

Nancy strongly believes in opportunity and so she continued to open new and exciting programs to give more opportunities for growth. In 2004 she began forming a children’s community Theatre Arts troupe, which is known today as “StarLight Xpress”, a musical performance group, where children audition to participate and perform throughout the community. StarLight Xpress has performed at Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studios, as well as community based venues including the City of Torrance’s Fourth of July Extravaganza, The American Cancer association “Relay for Life”, convalescent homes and church fairs throughout the South Bay.

In 2006 she began a “Homeschool program” and StarLight began to branch out to the beach cities, performing not only at the James Armstrong theatre, but at the Hermosa Beach Playhouse as well. Also In 2006 “StarLight Productions” received the “Excellence Award” from the city of Torrance. This award was a validation of what a wonderful program StarLight has become and Nancy is so proud of all it has to offer. StarLight Productions has a warm environment with the most passionate, quality teachers you’ll ever find under one roof, and a family oriented feeling that makes everyone who joins us feel right at home.

Nancy continues to open new and exciting programs and is currently launching her newest addition called “The Company” that will begin in Fall 2009 as well as a New Dance Company (under the Direction of our Fabulous Choreographer Ms. Tiffany) called “Xpressions” Nancy believes in embracing ALL the opportunities and hopes you will too.

Throughout Nancy’s StarLight journey, she has produced and directed over 40 musical productions, as well as several Mini productions performed at StarLight’s own unique Blackbox Theatre. Nancy is lovingly known by all, as Ms. Nancy and is known for her high energy, love and compassion for her students.

As quoted by Ms. Nancy…
“Remember, in reaching your life’s goals, it’s the “Journey” that counts. We hope you enjoy your Journey with us.”